My New Year Resolutions!!

Dear Readers,

I looked at my calendar a couple of years ago and realized something crazy. It’s almost 2017! I have been so busy, I almost forgot about the new year approaching. So I decided to invite a friend over and brainstorm some ideas today. So today’s post is about my resolutions for the new year!


1. Write in my journal everyday

2. Be more organized

3. Show more gratitude to my family and friends

4. Eat more healthy

5. Stretch more 

6. Eat more healthy

7. Be more kind and outgoing

8. Redo my wardrobe

9. Learn to cook better


Those are my resolutions for 2017. Hopefully I’ll go through on most of them. Probably towards the end of 2017 I’ll write another post about how well these went!
Let me know your resolutions in the comments!






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