Updates: Dance Competitions, Books, and Sweeden?

Hey Readers,

I haven’t really done an all talking post in a while but I really want to catch up with ya’ll. The original purpose of this blog was just to share my feelings and talk about my life. Even though i don’t do these catch up posts much, I personally love doing these!


Two weeks before the first dance competition of the season. I’m only in two dances but I want to make the best of them. I’ll probably do a seperate post about the competition like I’ve done in the past. I love competing, even though it is a little nerveracking. I always get very nervous before I go on stage, and sometimes have that feeling that you forgot the whole dance, but after it’s over I feel so rewarded. I feel like I accomplished so much and I love the thrill of waiting for the results while clinging on to your teammates’ hands. It’s really fun to be part of a team because of how supporting and kind everyone is. I’m really excited for both of my pieces and competing them. I’ll give you some hints for what they are about. We have a rule on team that we can’t post anything on social media or online about what our dances are about until the first competition, but a couple hints won’t give anything major away. One of our dances is Alice in Wonderland themed. I’m an Alice. The other dance I’m is a fast and urgent lyrical piece that basically is a panic attack in dance form. It’s really hard and fast. I’m always super tired after it.

School is okay. Unlike one of my friends at dance, I don’t have that much drama this year. Every thing is pretty good.

We are learning about the American revolution and Articles of Confederations/Constitution in history. It’s great because since I’m so into Hamilton, this chapter is basically a breeze for me. In fact, I listen to the soundtrack instead of studying sometimes, which now that I think about it probably isn’t a great idea. The stuff we are learning matches up exactly with the song Non-Stop so that’s wonderful.

Speaking of Hamilton, I got a book, Hamilton: The Revolution, dubbed the Hamiltome. It’s really good. I definitely recommend it if you are getting into Hamilton or if you are a crazy fan like me haha. It has beautiful pictures and annotated lyrics of all 46 songs, plus stories from the cast. The book itself is beautiful too, it has deckled pages and an old fashion look to it.

I’m also reading The Martian for school. It’s pretty good. I just started it so I can’t say much about it yet. We are doing this huge project on it. We have to make a scrapbook that represents the themes in it and an essay. Not fun.

This summer, as I said in an earlier post, I’m going to England! Now, since my sister has a soccer camp/tournament in Sweeden, I’m also visiting there! I’m really excited to start planning my trip there! Any Sweeden or England readers, let me know where I should visit and what I should see!

Finally, I’m auditioning for the Joffrey School of Ballet summer intensive. I’m really excited but also nervous for my audition. If I get in, I’ll be so happy because this will be my first summer intensive in a pre-professional program!


Thanks for listening to my crazy catch-up! My life sure has been busy the past couple of weeks. It’s only going to get crazier, trust me!





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