Hamilton Act 1: thoughts on all songs

Dear Readers,

I’m back with another Hamilton post! Did you really think I would stop at just one? If you want to learn about Hamilton, this link is a beginners guide I put together! Warning Hamilton is extremely addictive.

Also: amazing news! I found out a couple of weeks ago that I’m seeing Hamilton in San Francisco this summer! I know! I can’t wait! Even though it’s not with the original cast, at least I get to see it live instead of the illegal bootleg I’ve been watching.

Today’s post is about my thoughts/opinions on every single song of Hamilton Act 1. This is all based on the Original Cast Recording. Also: quick disclaimer, these are all my personal opinions. If you do not agree with them, feel free to write me an angry comment that I will happily ignore! Anyway, back into the post!


Alexander Hamilton: meet the ten-dollar founding father (without a father)


Alexander Hamilton, the very first song in the soundtrack, shows you that Hamilton is different from all the musicals you’ve seen in the past. It’s not the classical broadway style music you would normally hear. This song is really catchy and explains the life of Alexander Hamilton in four minutes. This is a great opening song, setting up every other character’s relationship with Hamilton throughout the musical. (Lafayette/Jefferson & Mulligan/Madison: We, we fought with him   Laurens/Philip: Me, I died for him    Washington: Me, I trusted  Angelica & Eliza & Peggy/Maria: Me, I loved him  Burr: And me, I’m the damn fool who shot him.) Basically, this is the Hamilton song.

There is a whole lot of information in this song so you better listen closely.

Aaron Burr Sir (aka let’s meet shady Burr)

1776…. New York City. This was honestly the song that got me into Hamilton. We meet Aaron Burr, the antagonist. We also get an introduction to Hamilton’s first friends in America, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and Marquis de Lafayette in a rapping style with the other guys beat boxing in the back for each other, I know it’s pretty lit. Lafayette’s french accent is LEGIT. Mulligan’s rap is pretty funny, just listen to it and you’ll know what I mean.

Lesson learned from song: Burr is a shady man who stands for nothing.

Best line: All of the Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan rapping part and also

He looked at me like I was stupid, I’m not stupid.

My Shot (aka Hamilton tries to impress his new friends)


This is young Hamilton basically saying why he thinks he’s good and should join the revolution to his new friends. The bar they are at turns into the high school cafeteria. Hamilton’s like the new kid trying to win the approval of the popular kids while Burr is that one kid everyone loves to hates.

Hamilton ends up winning them over. He’s part of the cool kids now.

Best line: I think your pants look hot, Laurens I like you a lot. 

The Story of Tonight (aka drinking song-revolution style)


The revolutionaries sing about their hopes and dreams. It’s actually a really pretty song despite the fact that they are wasted.

Also, did you notice in the gif above, Lafayette has different boots than the rest of them.

Lesson learned: Anthony Ramos (Laurens) as the voice of an angel.

Best line: Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away

The Schuyler Sisters (WORK)

if you haven’t notice, the women of the revolution have been MIA so far. Here we meet the Kardashians of the 1700s, the Schuyler Sisters.


There’s Angelica (pictured middle) the oldest, wittiest, and all around sister goals. Eliza, second oldest, trusting and kind. That’s it.

Oh shoot I forgot Peggy…and Peggy.

They are daughters of rich Phillip Schuyler and they are going downtown to slum it with the poor and look for a mind at work. Angelica roasts Burr and the Schuyler sisters slay with their amazing vocals.

Lesson Learned: the Schuyler sisters are SISTER GOALS

Best line: I know it’s not funny, but your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money

Farmer Refuted-(aka Hamilton roasts this random Loyalist)

Can I be honest for a second here? I always skip Farmer Refuted. I don’t even know why, but it just seems boring… but just for you readers, I listened to it.

THANK YOU! I just listened to it and I actually really like it. The overlapping between Seabury and Hamilton’s parts is really interesting! At first this is what made me dislike the song but now I realize how amazing their lines intersect and weave through each other. Give Farmer Refuted a CHANCE!

Favorite Line: My dog speaks more eloquently than thee.

You’ll be Back (aka Breakup song from King George III)


This song is honestly so pathetic and funny. It’s King George III of England basically talking about how he will be willing to fight for America’s love again. It’s upbeat and happy so it’s a great song to listen to if you need a cheer up!

Best line: I’ll kill your friends and family to remind you of my love (duh, I mean what else would you do? Send chocolate and a card? Overrated.)

Right Hand Man (aka Hamilton is promoted)


Now we meet General Washington, the general of the American army. He is looking for a right hand man, someone to lighten the load. This is a pretty good song. I feel like it’s one of the songs you should listen to when you are working out. I don’t know. Washington is actually pretty savage.

Also, can we just talk about how Washington is like OUTgunned OUTmanned and Hamilton responds, I have some friends, Laurens, Mulligan, Marquis de Lafayette. Yeah, like three friends is enough to win a war against. Hamilton’s lack of friends is kind of pathetic to be honest.

Favorite line: Burr, close the door on your way out. (Roasted)

A Winter’s Ball (aka We’re reliable with the laDEEZ)

This is like the national anthem of f**kboys. Honestly let’s be real. This song is pretty funny and always manages to cheer me up.

Favorite line: Ladies! There are so many to deflower!

Helpless/Satisfied (aka Sister Goals)

Even though there aren’t many women in Hamilton, they have the BEST SONGS OF THE WHOLE MUSICAL. The combination of these two songs are WONDERFUL. Helpless is Eliza falling in love with poor, young Alexander Hamilton. Also, the song you’ll most likely hear me singing in the shower. (I know you all do it too).

Satisfied is Angelica regretting giving Hamilton to Eliza and raps about how she has feelings for him too. This song is so good it gives me the CHILLS. It’s life goals to be as good of a rapper as Renee Elise Goldsberry (Angelica) is.

Favorite line: Helpless- Peggy confides in me, Angelica tried to take a bite of me (*imagines Angelica chomping on Hamilton’s arm* haha)

Satisfied All of Angelica’s rap… So the whole song basically (honorable mention goes to: Alright alright, that’s what I’m talking about)

The story of Tonight (reprise) (aka Laurens/Lafayette/Mullligan get wasted)

Like story of tonight but they are 5x more drunk and Burr is 10x more disliked. It’s pretty cute how they all him the “tomcat,” and make fun of Burr.

Best line: You are the worst Burr (in a french accent)

Wait for It (aka Burr can sing?!)

While this is apparently one of Lin’s best songs that he had ever written, I never really listened to it. I listened to it again and I found out 1. It’s really pretty 2. I should listen to it more often 3. Leslie Odom Jr’s voice is like if butter could sing.

The problem with this song, is it makes us like Burr. He’s supposed to be the villan that we all hate but this song makes us feel sympathetic. We’ve all been Burr at one point. We’ve all had to wait for it while someone else climbed to the top.

Stay Alive (aka Hamilton, please don’t die)

Eh. I like the Reprise better to be honest. There’s not a lot to say about this song. It’s still pretty good. This leads into a better song, Ten duel Commandments.

Best line: I’m a general. Weeeeee!

Ten Duel Commandments (aka foreshadowing)

This is a really good song. It’s catchy, it gets you pumped, I personally love it! This was one of the first 5 songs I listened to from Hamilton. It foreshadows so much though. It’s basically the duel between Laurens and Lee with Hamilton being Laurens’ second and Burr being Lee’s second. I mean how much more clear can Lin get? One act later, Burr and Hamilton are going to be dueling each other!

Overall this is a good song. Who doesn’t like a song about people trying to shoot each other?!

Lesson learned: There’s an art to duelling

Best line: Most disputes die and no one shoots (haha that’s funny)

 Meet Him Inside (aka Daddy issues)

This is the aftermath of Laurens’ and Lee’s duel. Washington reacts by wanting to talk to Hamilton who he keeps calling his son. Hamilton doesn’t like this and keeps talking back to Washington. Hamilton erupts and says CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIME. Then there’s this dramatic drum beat in the back and Washington sends Hamilton home.

Bye Felicia, you kind of deserved it.


Lesson learned: don’t get on Washington’s bad side. Ever

That Would Be Enough (aka Eliza’s expecting!)

Now we find out Eliza’s pregnant with their son! Phillipa Soo’s voice is outstanding in this song. It’s a pretty song. But question: how did Eliza get pregnant while Hamilton was off in war? Hmmmm…

Best line: And if this child, shares a fraction of your smile

Guns and Ships (aka Lafayette SLAYS)

Daveed Diggs, Lafayette, slays this song hard. The fastest rap in this soundtrack (and in the history of broadway), and also one of my favorite songs. This song gets you pumped. Honestly. If you know how to rap Guns and Ships then you are a true die-hard Ham-fan. Guns and Ships slays my life.

But a question: Lafayette struggles so much speaking English in My Shot and a couple of songs later he’s rapping this? How? Teach me your ways.

Best line: who am I kidding? THE WHOLE FREAKING THING

History has its Eyes on You (aka Hamilton is back on the battle field.)

Kind of boring. Hamilton is forgiven and allowed to fight in this new battle, the last major battle, Yorktown.

Yorktown (aka probably my favorite song)

This song is AMAZING. I think this is probably my favorite song. I know this is controversial because many people think it’s overrated.

This personally still remains to be my favorite song because: 1. HERCULES MULLIGAN  2. GO USA WE JUST WON THE FREAKING AMERICAN WAR 3. this 4. Immigrants we get the job done! (hell yeah we do)


Best line: immigrants, we get the job done

What Comes Next? (aka King George is sad)

King George III is back, and pathetic as ever. Honestly, he’s like the clingy girlfriend that never will move on. This is a pretty good song, set to the same cheerful tune as You’ll be Back.

Quick note: the King George songs are some of the only songs that don’t include any bit of rapping/hip-hop choreography. He’s also the only original cast member who is white. He represents the old, the Americans represent the new. Pretty clever, huh.

Best line: Awesome, Wow

Dear Theodosia (aka babies)

Dear Theodosia, I have learned to love it the more I listen to it. It’s slow and pretty and about babies and parenting. Show this song to your parents, they’ll probably like it.

Also all the promises Hamilton makes to newborn Phillip are broken the next half. Good job Hamilton.

Another fun fact: You would think Lin Manuel Miranda wrote this about his son, Sebastian, but he actually wrote it after he got his dog.

Best line: When you came into this world you cried, and it broke my heart

Non-Stop (aka last song of act 1)

It goes from beautiful, sad music to this crazy song. (actually there’s another song Lauren’s interlude, but let’s not get into that). It’s a pretty good song. This is actually the longest song in the whole soundtrack, almost seven minutes. This is a transition between the acts, from the revolution to building a new nation. It’s genius how the ending overlaps a bunch of different parts. It’s extremely hard to sing by yourself in the car but its amazing to listen to.

Also, this song really gets you motivated. If Hamilton can write 51 of the Federalist Papers, you can finish that English essay due tomorrow.

Best line: Alexander joins forces with James Madison and John Jay to write a series of essays defending the new United States Constitution, entitled The Federalist Papers. The plan was to write a total of twenty-five essays, the work divided evenly among the three men. In the end, they wrote eighty-five essays, in the span of six months. John Jay got sick after writing five. James Madison wrote twenty-nine.

Hamilton wrote the other fifty-one!



I hope you all enjoyed this post. Next weekend is my dance competition and I’ll definietly be blogging about that. I’m very excited but also very nervous.










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