Delicious Kale Smoothie Recipe

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is about something I’ve really been loving the past couple of weeks, a kale smoothie! I’ve made plenty of smoothies, some turned out great, others not so much. This is my personal favorite out of every smoothie I’ve made. It’s really delicious but also healthy.

What you need:

(serves 2 people)

2 cups of kale, or two handfuls

1 cup of juice of your choice (I love mango because it gives a tropical twist!)

2 spoons of yogurt of your choice (I love strawberry greek yogurt)

3 full strawberries

2 ice cubes

optional: honey if you want it to be more sweet


Blend ingredients to desired texture. Enjoy your delicious green smoothie!


One thought on “Delicious Kale Smoothie Recipe

  1. Hi – this looks super healthy!! I have recently started a new blog which is dedicated to finding/creating/posting recipes for servings of up to 2! – as a student/young professional who enjoys cooking, I often find it annoying that most recipes are designed to serve 4+ and so want to be able to create a platform on which recipes can be shared to help out fellow foodies who are looking for smaller recipes.

    Due to this I am wondering if you’d be happy for me to share some of your recipes on my own blog – credit would of course go to yourself as the original author, I plan on having a guest recipes page! The only thing I’d ask for in return is that you could post something saying how my blog is featuring your posts/recipes – at current date I am a completely none-profit organisation – simply doing this for fun and a love of healthy food and cooking!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Many thanks,
    Small Portions

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