How to wear a bodysuit?

Dear Readers,


What is a bodysuit?


You’ve seen these at the mall, puzzled over them at your local Forever 21, even maybe tried one in confusion. So what are they and how can you wear them? Here is a little how-to on that.

A body suit is a one piece that can be mistaken as swimwear or a leotard. As you can see above there are many different variations on them. There are also many different ways you can wear them!


Why not just wear a normal t-shirt?

Bodysuits can be worn with any type of bottoms, so why not just wear a normal shirt instead of shoving yourself in a tight one piece? The answer is simple. To achieve the perfect tuck. The bodysuit effortlessly seems to tuck into the shorts or skirt you’re wearing without you having to repeatedly keep awkwardly pushing your shirt into your jeans. Also, it makes you feel good because it basically sucks in your stomach for you! I recently have been a huge fan of bodysuits and have began to wear them more often because they are super convenient and comfy.

What are some outfit ideas?

1. Beach Vibes

Shop this bodysuit: Forever 21   $12.90

For a casual day out with friends or at the beach, pair a bodysuit with demin shorts and gold jewelry for a simple and relaxed look.

2. Business Class

You can wear a bodysuit a work too! Just check out this outfit perfect for work or interviews.

Shop this body suit: ASOS $22

Keep things appropriate by pairing your bodysuit with a plain white tee shirt! Finish the look with some jeans (or trousers), a trenchcoat, and some sassy flats!

3. Casual


You  can literally wear a bodysuit any day, any occasion. For a casual look, pair your bodysuit with some mom jeans and a cross body purse!  Pair with some statement jewelry and comfy flats and you are ready to go!

4. Edgy and Chic

Bodysuit (LA HEARTS) it’s on sale!!!

Talk about cute! A choker and leather booties bring together this casual yet totally chic look. The bodysuit is perfectly tucked into this denim skirt!


I hope I brought you into this bodysuit addiction. There are really great to use and I personally am falling more and more in love with them! Let me know if you know what a bodysuit is and if you would wear it?






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