What’s In My Dance Bag: Competition Addition

Hey Readers,

I’m back with another dance post. This weekend was a pretty crazy weekend. I went to my Joffrey audition on Saturday, then had competition late that night. I had to get up the next morning to do it all again. While rushing around, I realized how IMPORTANT it is to be prepared. I have so many things in my dance bag (makeup, hair stuff, tools I use to stretch,  yummy snacks to keep me energized etc) so I decided I would share with you What’s in my dance bag: competition style.


the bag

my bag is the one everyone in my team has. I cannot show it to you because of privacy issues (it has my name and dance studio printed on it). It’s extremely important to have a big dance bag with many compartments. Mine has a phone pocket to keep my phone and electronic devices safe while I’m out dancing. Also it’s important that it sips up so that nothing will fly all over the place.



Here’s where to buy it

I have a makeup bag I use, that is the perfect size for my needs. I know some people have a larger one than this because they have more makeup, but I feel that this one the best fit for me.


In it I have:


*cali tip: always put your costume on first, then apply lipstick to ensure no lipstick gets on your costume. 

believe me, I learned this the hard way

Foundation/Concealer/Bronzer/Contour Palette/Blush  You never know when touch ups are needed or if some one needs something

False Lashes +glue

*cali tip: when applying the glue, let it sit out for a couple minutes with the glue on it, before putting on your lash line to let the glue become more tacky and less watery

Eye liner and tape

*cali tip: use tape to get the perfect wing and no smudges

LOTS AND LOTS OF BOBBY PINS and U pins you will never have too many bobby pins and you never know when you will need one

Hairspray and Gel *cali tip: also bring a toothbrush and spray hairspray on it then use to pull back fly aways 

Extra Hair nets: your hair net can break any time. Unfortunately I’ve had this happen to me multiple times.



snack ideas: my go to snacks

Fruit salad Get a mason jar or other container and fill it with fruit of your choice, this is easy to keep you energized for the whole day

Trail mix a trail mix full of nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips is a protein packed power snack!


*cali tip: put it in a mason jar

Bars/String Cheese

*cali tip: have at least 4 of these types of snacks at all times in your bag as an emergency energy booster. 


Dance Stuff


all shoes


yoga blocks


thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! 





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