Beauty Wishlist

Hey Readers,

Welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m going to be letting you know some products that I really want to invest in and get (aka my Beauty Wishlist)! I really love making wishlists, or any type of lists, because it makes me feel organized and put together (even when I’m actually not).


I’m more of a skin care girl, I’m not a huge fan of makeup because I like going all natural, but I’ve really been starting to get into makeup more, especially highlighter!

1. High Beam (Benefit Cosmetics)

$26 at Sephora


I low high key want to get High Beam from Benefit Cosmetics. This is a liquid highlighter and is actually the most gorgeous color ever, a iridescent satin ballet shoe pink color. I swatched it in-store and have been obsessed with it since.

2. Watts Up (Benefit Cosmetics) 


You guessed it, another highlighter! This one is more subtle and, in my opinion, easier to use as there is a soft glow blender. It has a more subtle champagne-ish color.

3. Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water (Lush)


Making a change back to skin care, I really want to get a Lush toner water. My friend and I went to Lush a month ago and I have to admit, it was the best in-store Lush experience yet. An employee working there that day was amazing. He gave us a ton of samples and let us try out a ton of things. I really loved the toner water which was so cooling and calming. I sprayed it like 5 times because I loved it that much! Still haven’t made my way there to buy it, but I’m definitely coming for it!

4. Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream (Lush)


My sister’s friend’s birthday party was at Lush. I’m kind of sort of obsessed with Lush, so I was naturally a little jealous. To make me feel better, she got me a sample of Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Gel. Oh my god, first things first, the color is absolutely amazing. Showering with vibrant yellow gel is sure to wake you up in the morning. The smell is amazing too! It’s supposed to smell like chocolate and oranges, but that’s not exactly the scent I get. Nevertheless, I adore the scent!

5. Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask (Origins)

$26 at Sephora

I’ve really really been wanting a nice reliable face mask, as I’ve been breaking out a TON recently. I usually have pretty good skin, a little on the oily side, few breakouts, but in the past month, my face has just been breaking out a ton. I’ve tried the Cupcake mask from Lush (which I LOVE). But I don’t like how, since it’s made of organic materials, only lasts for 2 weeks. My face is on the slightly more sensitive side so I can only do a mask once a week, or at most twice, so much of the mask is still left once it expires. This mask, which I got a sample at from Sephora might be a good substitute. I really want to try it out once I get some money and time to browse at Sephora.



That’s my wishlist! I’ll let you know when I try these out and will let you all know how they work and if I like them!

hope you have a good day!





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