Spring Break Snapshots

Dear Readers,

Today’s post is all about what i did this week for spring break. These are some “snapshots” into my Spring Break!


diy lunch: my family and I made a diy pizza! Very colorful and yummy.


read all about it: this is probably the biggest book I’ve ever read! I’m really into Hamilton, so I decided to do some spring reading. Only 1/4 way through!


spring cleaning: I cleaned out my backpack and realized how much junk was in them!


pictures: I had picture day with my dance team! It was super fun I defintely needed coffeee to get through the long day.unnamed-2.jpg

happy bday/aerial silk class: It was my friends birthday so we went to an aerial silk class to celebrate. Don’t ahve any pictrues, but it was super fun!

spa night: a much needed sister spa night was complete witha relaxing bathunnamed-4.jpg

night out at the city: I went to see a ballet in the city with my mom!


shopping: I found the perfect dress from graduation and had a fun day at the mall!



Tomorrow is Easter and my family is having an Easter tea party! I’ll keep you all updating with more pictures!

How’s your Spring break going?





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