Easter Afternoon Tea//our (NEW) tradition

Dear Readers,

Last Sunday was Easter. My family is not the traditional American family. We don’t have religion and never go to church. I have no memories of Easter egg-hunts in our backyard, church, or grand brunches. I have absolutely no traditional Easter memories, just baking an apple pie and going hiking, and Chinese style brunches complete with porridge and homemade hash browns. So I decided to start a family tradition. Easter Afternoon Tea. It was really fun and is a new part of our family traditions.


My sister and I made all the treats, cream puffs (made with pate-a-choux and hand whipped cream), the perfect banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, mini sandwiches filled with chive and garlic infused cream cheese, garlic, and red pepper spread, and Earl Gray Tea Cakes. Now, I can say that I can bake! At least a little.

Meanwhile, my mom did some spring cleaning, helped us decorate the dining table, and found the perfect tea set. An elegant tea set, given as a gift even before I was born all the way from China. We also had a pretty, traditional English rose kettle and a shiny saucer filled with cream and another with sugar. My dad brewed all the tea, floral Chamomile, deep Darjeeling, and traditional Chinese Tea.

It was great to spend time with the family. Decorating the cupcakes together and getting it all over our nice clothes, catching up and arguing over tea, and debating over if plain cucumber sandwiches are acceptable to eat, or if they are just plain gross, it’s moments like these that we will never forget. It’s moments like these that form a tradition.


What did you do this Easter and Spring break?





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