a look into my life//catch up with californiangirl

Hey Readers,

How has it been? I haven’t caught up with you in a while. I’ve been crazy busy with everything. It’s standardized testing which means lots of stress and little sleep. It also means block scheduling (meaning we only have 3 classes a day-as oppose to our usual 6 – and each are 2 hours long) which is in some ways good and some bad. For example, it’s good because I have a two-hour long free period. That’s why I have time to blog since I finished all my homework. But also, I don’t have my free period every day which is bad since I rely on it to get most of my homework done.

Good news: school’s almost out, which means it’s almost summer.  summer=more blog posts & a lot more fun. I don’t know, when school’s in session, I never have time to do fun things. I mean I love my life, but as my friend said our small California town is pretty boring and constant. Everyday is the same, day after day. School is the same except there’s the buzz in the air that summer is almost here. The drama is dissipating, which is nice but also gives little to talk and speculate about. Competition season is over at dance, making our studio more calm and peaceful. The big show is coming up though, meaning costumes and extra rehersals start to crowd the studio. But things are the same every day. You see, I love my sleepy town and all but I also want to see the world. I want to be part of something bigger and more beautiful.

Speaking of dance, next year on dance team I’m competing a trio! I’m excited but also scared. I don’t know yet who I’m doing it with. The problem is, two of the favorites, Sasha and Mari, are probably doing it together, meaning I have to compete with them. They will probably get the better choreography, more rehearsal time, and attention. I might join their trio if I work hard and other people in my trio back out. Fingers Crossed.

Meanwhile, I’m getting into photography. I went on a mini photoshoot with my friend and it was so fun! I even started a vsco (omg I’m so artsy). Vsco is an app that you can publish and edit pictures on. It really air brushes your pictures and makes them more professional and artsy. In fact vsco can make basically any picture look cool. What I learned from photography is that you need to find the special moments and places in life and capture them. You don’t need to look for a beautiful sunset, though it would be nice, you can find Instagram worthy photo opportunities everywhere! I may even add a photography section to my blog!


*I have a teensy weensy obsession with highlighter. It’s the only makeup I like and wear and I go just a little crazy on it.

Finally, I’ve really been busy with school/dance recently so I’m having a mini spa day with my sister. I’ll probably blog about what we did and some ideas for you to have your own spa night!


how has your life been treating you? (good I hope)





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