my 101st post//highlights of my blog

Hey Readers,

This is my 101 post with this wordpress blog! I’m amazed that I’ve been blogging so much. It’s only been a little over a year since I started this blog and I’ve already made it to 100+ posts! I have to say I’m proud of myself for being this committed! Today’s post is all about what I’ve learned about blogging since I’ve started my blog. Also here’s a link to my first every blog post (time to make fun of fetus me). Today I’m going to read some of my old posts just for the fun of it. I’m probably going to cringe so hard that I never want to open my laptop again, but… whatever.

Thank you readers for leaving lovely comments and liking my posts, this makes my day and is what keeps me blogging. thank you so much!

picture credits above go to my friend L 🙂

I also changed the theme of my blog


today I’m sharing the highlights of my blog! 

here are some of my favorite posts

Fashion Fails (Week 1)

first thing you might notice, the pictures all aren’t up! Why? I honestly don’t even know myself. I think I put in the media wrong or something. This post really reminds me of what a spunky fashionista I am. I honestly burst out laughing multiple times.

Best quote: “It wasn’t even a cold day, but it looked like she was in the middle of a blizzard in Siberia. Do me, and yourself a favor and please never wear that hat again.”

The Recipe of Happiness

dear god, why was this so cringy but heartwarming at the same time?

“And most importantly, Love Yourself. (yes, like the Justin Bieber song).”

Rainbow Dance Competition… what a weekend

This is I think my most liked and viewed post. I personally think this was the first good post I wrote about dance, which is one of the biggest parts of my life.

” Maybe it’s good to not always win, after all, next competition we will be even more determine to win and we will work harder. This loss only put some FIRE in our bellies.”

20 Things That You (probably) Don’t Know About Me

This is really fun to write and re-read. It’s so interesting how much ahs changed since I wrote that post.

“20 is a VERY large number and I’m already running out of things to say.”

JUMP Convention part 1- Friday

ahhhh another one of my dance posts. This is about my experience at another dance competition, Jump. This one got pretty deep, and there’s also a part two which is my convention experience.

“We were nervous, the energy was like a cloud of buzzing bees hovering over us. We did some jumping jacks and crazy 8’s trying to keep our focus and burst the cloud of flying buzzing bees. The nervous energy only grew as we saw other teams. “Look away. It won’t help us if we look. Will they your performance better?” Our Coach, Ms. C, asked as she noticed our gaze towards them. “Stay focused.” And we did.”

ABRSM Piano Exam?!-experience and what I learned

This is about another very important about my life, piano. I feel like if I had to take an exam, I would want to read something like this.

“After each piece his ink pen scribbled furiously. I could hear the words as they formed on the paper.”

China Blog (Days: 1-3)

Taking a trip to China, where I’m from, is one of the best experiences of my life. I loved blogging about it too! Check out all my China Blog accounts!

The Dance Winter Performance//my experience

This post is pretty recent and it’s about my dance winter performance.

“The show is a big deal, but maybe not as big a deal as the Spring Showcase. I was in four dances this year, Rondo (ballet), Snow Scene (advanced ballet), New York Christmas (Jazz), and Winter’s Night (lyrical). This is my experience of both backstage and on stage, and I’m ready to share.”

Pool Parties+Updates

This was really funny and fun to write. I love team parties, its super fun. This reminded me of how much I love hanging out with the team. This made me laugh and smile as I remember the good old days.

“Next, we played pterodactyl, brought to us courtesy by Kristen.  In pterodactyl, you can’t show your teeth. You are in a circle and you have to say pterodactyl-hence the name. If you show your teeth at all, you are out.  We all crowded in a circle in the steaming, bubbling hot tub and we started. It was fine at first, but soon I got out along with half the girls. Since it was the Top 5, Kristen changed up the rules a little. You have to say a body part, either an internal or out-ternal organ. We cracked up at that. I was feeling so hyper from the Sprite I just had. The finalists faced off. Everyone cracked up again when Anika Selena muffled out vagina.”

Hamilton: a beginner’s guide

I love Hamilton. Like it’s pretty bad. Ok, it’s really bad. This was my attempt to get the people who don’t know or like Hamilton to know and like Hamilton. I have to say I was pretty successful since I converted my friend.

“Today’s post is about my current obsession, Hamilton the musical. A couple of months ago I thought I was obsessed. I listened to a few songs and liked them. That was it. Now, i truly am, I mean you don’t even want to know how bad it is. Like its stalking original cast member bad. Watching illegal clips of it live bad. Listening to it non-stop bad.”

food for thought: Body Image and Clean Eating

This was a lot more of a serious topic about me and my relationship with my weight. This was tough to write and read. It’s really difficult to share this information but also important to talk about.

” I studied by long, bulging-with-muscle legs, my broad and beautiful shoulders, my delicate and lean arms, and my now widened hips, showing that I was a strong woman. I looked at my beautiful body in the mirror. I took a deep breath and went back to doing the barre exercises.”

Beauty Wishlist

This is another very popular post. I love making LISTS. Like love love love. It was very fun to write this awesome list.

“I low high key want to get High Beam from Benefit Cosmetics”


Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day





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