Poetry, my way of expressing myself//californiangirl

Dear Readers,

Today I have for you a few of my favorite poems I’ve written. I love poetry because it’s the best way to express my thoughts. My poems are about other people and how then influenced and changed me. Let me know what you think. It’s my first time sharing my poetry with others. enjoy!




“i’m fine”

she says

but i know it’s

not true


i see her sullen eyes

dried out

from crying

i see her veil of defeat

as each step she takes

sinks closer to the floor


i give her my hand and

sink down with her





you are

the one i have grown up with

my biggest competitor

my shoulder to cry on

when everyone else has left

the other half of my heart and soul

you are what pushes me to achieve my goals

you’ve made me laugh

and cry

but don’t worry, mostly laugh


if the world tries to

pull us apart

good luck world

it’s hard to break the bond of sisters



“can you imagine?”


she can’t sleep most nights

just lies awake until the light streams out

tired, exhausted, waiting for the feeling of sweet sleep

to finally overcome her

but her mind racing fast

a million miles

Can you imagine?


she says everyone hates her at school

that she is shunned

alone in a sea of darkness

with no light

guiding her out

Can you imagine?


she says she will always

be second best

never the star role

even in her

own life

Can you imagine?


but she still puts on a face

a brave face

each and every day

waiting for something better

something that won’t come

Can you imagine?


yeah i thought so



“ice cream”

we don’t talk

like we used to do

all night

on the phone


at school

we regard each other

then slip into our own


filled with different images

and people


i’d forgotten how much

i’d missed you

until we clutched


and shared ice cream

and memories



you are tehre

every time i look across the room


even when i don’t want you to be


smiling, laughing, at something i’ll never know

i wonder if in your little boy heart

if you can see me

or if i’m invisible to you

like i am to everyone else



Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed my poems or could relate, maybe try to write some poems for your self. I know if maybe hard, but just let your thoughts flow and teh word will come. you can do it! I truly wish you luck in the world of poetry!


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