summer clothing wishlist//

hey readers,

Today was the last day of school. Since we are graduating and moving on to a new school, it was a bittersweet day, and mostly bitter… I ended the day with some tears and hard goodbyes. it was sad to see some people who are so positive and kind break down right in front of me. It was also chilling tor realize that we would never be with the same group of people ever again. I’d taken them for granted and now some of them would be gone. I regret not getting to know some people as well as I could and should have.

Nevertheless, it also means its summer! (sorry for getting deep earlier) Summer means more posts since I’ll have a lot more free time and down time. I’m also going to Sweden and England in July and can’t wait to blog about that.

Today, I’m going to talk about some clothing that are on my wish list for summer! I tried to find things that were reasonably priced as well! Enjoy the post!


1. wide leg loose pants

So summery and under $20… shop the pants here

I feel like these days all I have are tight leggings and jeans. For summer, I feel like some wide legged loose pants would be an easy-breezy alternative.

2. off the shoulder top

off the shoulder tops are so trendy and also perfect for summer! I really love the effortless touch they bring to your look. this floral top paired with light wash jeans or shorts would be such a gorgeous look

shop the look here

3. a romper

Oh how I love rompers! So cute, but also really easy to run around in for the day. Only problem: USING THE BATHROOM. But hey at least you’ll look cute!

Shop the look here

This one is a tie on halter which I absolutely LOVE! It’s a little on the expensive side but worth the splurge!

4. a statement choker

I love chokers so much. And me being my girly self loves this delicate golden heart choker!

Currently on SALE

I can’t get over this gorgeous necklace. It would tie together any outfit and add a cute, girly touch!

5. a maxi dress

surrounded by a sea of midi and mini dresses, why not stand out with a maxi dress! I love dresses since they are an easy solution for when you don’t know what to wear. they are super easy and comfy too!

Check it out here


This one is so gorgeous and minimalistic. It’s just so flowy and summery (if that’s a word). I like the neutral color so you can add statement accessories and shoes!


Okay, that’s my summer fashion wish list. I can’t wait to go shopping so I can hopefully get all of these!

How’s your summer so far? What clothing item is your favorite? Comment below!






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