How to Make Bullet Journal//

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to my blog! Summer is great so far, I’m really enjoying a break from school, dance, and drama! However, the heat is killing me (and my hair!). Today, I’m giving a quick how-to on a bullet journal. I found this super cute idea when I was scrolling through Pinterest a couple of days ago then checked out this awesome Buzzfeed Video and I’m already hooked!


what is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is basically a place to jot down everything. If you are one of those people who write a bazillion to do lists on sticky notes everywhere, likes pen and paper to-do lists, likes stationery, journaling, scrapbooking, beautiful pens, loves to doodle and draw, or wants to start a diary but can’t stick with the habit, then a bullet journal is THE PERFECT THING FOR YOU. You can make it neat or messy, fill it with words or drawings. It’s basically the perfect place to dump your thoughts and ideas!

getting started

As soon as I heard about bullet journalling, I knew I needed to try it. The first thing I did was find a notebook. It’s up to your preference and style on what note-book to use, but I’m using one without lines or grids so I can draw and write with freedom. However, if you like lines and grids, go for it! It’s up to you!

After I found a good notebook, I started to fill the pages. You can start with the “Index”  (basically a table of contents) and go from there.


the future log (and other logs)

First thing I did was the future log. ‘Okay slow your roll… Future Log?’ a future log is the palce where you can have an overview of all the important dates in coming months: birthdays, events, holidays, etc..


Then, you can move on to monthly/weekly, and even daily logs to go into further detail about these events. I’m not including these since I’m really busy and (let’s be honest) not good at commitment so I just have my future log, though most bullet journals include monthly and weekly logs.


before we get into more, remember that this is your notebook! Add doodles and special designs that you love! Make special pages only you would need and understand! It’s your bullet journal, make it yours!


thought bubble/to dos

Reserve/design pages built for you to dump all your thoughts and ideas for each month! I call mine the thought bubble, but call it whatever you want.


Also, set aside many pages for to do’s as well! There’s so much to do and this is a great way to keep track of it all!


other page ideas

More ideas for pages are a:

goals page

sleep tracker/log

food log

books to read+movies to see

grade tracker



Now make a bullet journal, your way, and tell me how it goes! I can’t wait for you all to try it out! They are super fun and easy to make!


how’s your summer so far?






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