Europe travel diary 2017

dear readers,

I’m back! After 3 weeks of traveling through Europe, I’m back home in home sweet home California. I love traveling because I feel like since we are only on Earth for a relatively short amount of time, why not explore it and maybe find ourselves while getting lost in the vast, beautiful world. Everytime I travel, I see and learn so much and I really wanted to share with you all the knowledge I’ve gathered in the three weeks I spent traveling through England, Belgium, Sweden and Iceland so i decided to share some pictures and experiences from my trip! Sit back, relax, and bon voyage!


London, England

I personally loved London so much! the thing that sets London apart from a lot of the other places I’ve visited is the fact that I would actually love moving to London. London is charming but also street smart. Classic but also up to date. We stayed in London for about 3 ish days.

arriving in London, we got hit by a wave of flocking tourists and experienced locals swarming all over the airport
for that first day, we just walked the streets of London. They were beautiful and filled with character and charm
Next place we went, after a good nights sleep, was Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. *tip get there early since there is always a big crowd
Here they come!


we stopped for a sweet treat (on the 4th of July) at Crumbs and Dollies
and some shopping time at the BIGGEST LUSH IN THE WORLD. As a huge lushie I was so excited to explore this 3 floor Lush with exclusive products and a spa!
Trafalgar square was actually one of my favorite places because of the many street artists, relaxed vibe, and beautiful atmosphere!
The next day, we got up bright and early for a visit to the Tower of London! if you are interested in medieval European history, you won’t want to miss this stop!
Westminster Abbey was full of history as well. I personally love history so this was one of my favorite stops since you could really feel like you were in Medieval England
We didn’t get to ride the London Eye which I was fine with to be honest since it was a 30 minute ride.
Views like this made London such a magical place for me 🙂


Stratford-upon-Avon+York, England 

We decided to rent a car to get to these places but we got in an accident, don’t worry not a huge one, within our first 5 minutes of driving. My dad was not used to driving on the right side since we drive on the left in the USA and hit a curb, causing our tire to rip and deflate. So we scratched that plan and took public transport, the train! Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace was so cute and peaceful!

Anne’s (Shakesphere’s wife) cottage was so peaceful and beautiful. Perfect for a nice walk and a glimspe into Shakespeares life!
Mary’s farm is really fun (especially for kids), everyone is dressed like they’re from the 16th century, and there are many animals like this adorable sheep that came up to me

Next, we took the train to York, a town full of history.

these ancient ruins were spectacular!
the York minister was also stunning, we got to climb stairs up to the top to get a full view of York!
the view from the top!
sunset in the Shambles

back to London, and Brussels, Belgium

We made a quick stop back to London to then get on a plane to Brussels, Belgium.

enjoying our last day in London

Brussels was a quick stop, only one day, and then we rented a car to go to other places in Belgium. Brussels was a pretty pleasant city filled with the scent of waffles and historical buildings

the famous ‘Grand Place’
Of course we had to try some belgium waffles!


Ghant, Brugge, etc… little Belgium towns!

Somehow, the little towns we visited overshadowed Brussels with their character! We visited many of them and found that it was hard to communicate since most people spoke only French!


Luxembourg was really gorgeous! I was sick at my time during here but I loved this cute city (or actually country)
The views were seriously STUNNING!


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm was stunning, I really enjoyed my day and a half there and I wish we spent a lot more time there.

The streets of Gamla Stan, old town. The streets are full of tourists, bright buildings, and character!
Took the ferry to see the city. The blue blue ocean and gentle breeze was so relaxing and added to the scenery!
The vasa museum is a MUST SEE!
I didn’t want to leave Stockholm!


Gothenburg, Sweden

My sister was playing in a soccer tournament in the town of Gothenburg so we spent 5 relaxing and fun days in Gothenburg!

Fireworks exploded, celebrating the opening of Gothia Cup! Hundreds of Teams from every country you can name watched as they sparkled through the sky!
a quick trip to a nearby island was definitely a highlight of Gothenburg! The beautiful island of Bruno was so peaceful and gorgeous!


taking a trip in a boat to the canals and harbor was so fun!


Copenhagen, Denmark

We spent less than a day in Copenhagen since we were catching a plane to Reykjavik, Iceland. However it was a great couple hours in this lovely city. It was rainy but that didn’t stop us from having fun!


Stunning buildings by the river!
The locks of love


Final stop: Reykjavik, Iceland

I was so excited about visiting Iceland! It was so remote and raw but that’s what made it beautiful. It was pretty chilly there, and rained

Iceland is full of gorgeous national parks
the hills were so green. this is the view from our rental car!
geysers galore!


the Blue Lagoon was a blast! So relaxing and a great end to the trip!
the view from the top: Reykjavik from the top of a church!


And then we headed home to sunny California! It was such a fun trip and I’m glad I got to give you a glimpse into it!

how has your summer been?









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