my fashion wishlist!!

hi readers,

Okay so just realized that I haven’t been shopping in THE LONGEST TIME EVER. My wardrobe is seriously outdated and not really what I want my style to be like. I feel like I used to have a preppy, classy look but I’m totally digging the retro, chill, hipster look right now. So this month, I’m going to go shopping and hopefully get some new clothing items. Here are some things I definitely want to add to my closet.

1. oversized corduroy jacket

These are super cute and have such a nice vibe if that makes sense. I also need more cute jackets and outerwear since, even though it’s spring, the weather is still pretty chilly. A corduroy jacket is a cute alternative to the more basic denim jacket.


2. vintage jeans

I need some new jeans. Some comfortable thrifted jeans are definetly on my wishlist since I’m trying to go for a more “hipster” vibe. All of my jeans are really tight and polished so I want to change them up with faded, looser jeans.Womens Clothes LEVIS 560 loose fit tapered leg faded jeans size W33 L32 PFLTJKPNWM.jpg

3. bright windbreaker

Because of the warmish spring weather, a cute windbreaker is definitely on my wishlist. To spice it up, one with bright colors would be super rad to rock over a plain top and leggings

Related image

4. collared shirts

Okay even though I said I would be moving away from the preppy look, I still love collared shirts because they are so classy and versatile. They would great under a comfy sweater, out on top of white jeans, and even this awesome cropped one over a skirt or shorts.


5. vintage tees

Now that summer is approaching, it’s time for tee shirts. I’m super excited to go to a thrift  shop and see what crazy, vintage stuff I find.


That’s it for my fashion wish list! Le me know what things you want to add to YOUR wish list in the comments below!




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