New Pointe Shoes//dance (very) mini haul

Hey Readers,

Welcome back to my blog! Oh and if you’re new, welcome to the family. I love beauty and fashion, am a competitive dancer, and an avid shopper! So today, I have a mini dance haul! I got a new pair of pointe shoes! I’m really excited about this! The winter dance show is coming up which means a ton of extra rehearsals, which means the need of new pointe shoes! My teacher actually recommends buying two pairs for shoes because of the rigorous amount of dancing we do.

So I went and bought new pointe shoes among with a leotard and I’m here to share!

The pointe shoes

I got these wonderful pointe shoes, Almaz (diamond) by Russian Pointe.


They are quite beautiful as you can see above! Gorgeous satin white outside and golden letters on the shank, I can see why this shoe was named after the dazzling diamond! the shoes I’ve had for the past year are Grishko 2007’s. I personally loved them a lot, but still wanted to try other types of shoes so decided to switch it up. When I tried the Russians in store, I realized the vamp was a little lower, which actually flatters my foot shape, and also has a little less support than the Grishko’s meaning it will be harder to work my arch etc…. However I’m excited to start dancing in them and seeing how they turn out. I may write a detailed review after I dance in them for a couple of classes to let you know how there turned out and if I will keep with the Russians or go back to the Grishkos, or possible try something new (I’ve been eyeing some French brands like Repetto). So yeah… I’ll keep you updated on how they are going and if they work for my feet.


I also got a new leotard just because…


I love the back! I mean look at it! It’s so pretty! *insert heart eye emojis here* So yeah! I’m really glad I got that, I believe I got it for $44 and I have the link here if you want to check it out!


Thanks for reading this very quick haul! It’s thanksgiving break this week so I will be blogging more… even though you might not be seeing the posts anytime soon since I’m pre-blogging for the holidays!