Back to School Edition: Spilling Secrets

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What’s up everyone! I know I haven’t really posted in forever. I’m sorry about that, I guess I’ve just been busy with Back to School coming up and all! But today’s post is not only a Back to School post but also the first post in a new series, Spilling Secrets! These will be kind of a confessional type post of some fun-facts and true (even though sometimes slightly exaggerated) stories about my life. They won’t be up super often, but I’ll try to add them into my feed every once in a while.


In today’s edition of Spilling Secrets, shocking confessions taking place during school are confessed. What will today’s secrets hold? Find out now before it’s too late *dun dun dun* (haha just kidding)

I was a preschool mean girl.

In preschool, I ruled the school. Alongside my friends Victoria and Julie, we were the cool crowd of preschool. But I mean we weren’t mean or anything. We were the nice popular kids. Okay, when have you ever heard of the popular kids being nice? Fine, we weren’t nice, but we were cool. This one memory always sticks with me. There was a girl that I was semi-friends with. I’ll call her Anita. She was really sweet and nice. One problem… Victoria and Julie hated her. They thought she was weird and smelled funny (neither of which were true). One day, Victoria, Julie, and I were swinging on the swings, our usual hang-out spot when Anita asked if play with us. Pause. I know what happens next is mean, but hey, this was in PRESCHOOL, I’ve changed since then. I looked from Victoria and Julie to Anita, then back again. “You can’t play with us.” Victoria said. “Yeah!” Echoed Julie. Then, they looked at me. What was I supposed to say? I weighed my options. And that’s when I delivered my first mean sentence to another peer. I was usually very quiet and shy. I was sweet and didn’t talk above a whisper during class. I faced Anita.“You’re weird and we don’t like you!” I said. And that’s when Anita started bawling. I never talked to her again.

I had a lawyer in Kindergarten

Now, this one is a little weirder. In Kindergarten, I had two best friends, Madeline and Ava. They both were fiercely loyal and super stubborn. And they both HATED each other. Ava had a stuffed bear who she named Beary. She pretended that Beary could talk and eat and one day, I found out that she was lying. So that’s when I called Madeline to be my lawyer. I mean I barely even knew what a lawyer was, actually I had no idea what a lawyer was. And I went to court. I don’t remember who won that argument, but I realized that I had two loyal and crazy best friends that I still love today!

I played a prank that I almost got in trouble for.

In second grade, my friends and I wanted revenge against this boy in my class. So, like normal 2nd grade girls, we wrote a note. This is what it read. “You are so po, from the po fairies.”You might be wondering what “po” is. So we weren’t mean enough to write our full letter in english. Pang is the Chinese pronunciation of fat. I was not great at Mandarin at the time and god forbid would I ask my mom for help so I misspelled it. Unfortunately, my teacher found the note and read it out loud to the class.”You would think by now that second graders would be able to spell poo. It’s a double ‘O!'”

I made a petition against my French teacher

In sixth grade, I had the WORST French teacher ever. I’ll call her Ms. C. She spoke all the French words with an English accent and told us just to add l’ to make a French word. (for example: hamburger in French is apparently l’hamburger.” So me, along with my friend Jess, and some guys, Ryan, Cooper, and Alex, started a petition. Unfortunately, Ms. C found it out when she saw it being passed around in 5th period French (thank god I was in 2nd period French). That was the last we saw of our petition.

I talked to a partially famous person.

This year, we did a project. We partnered up. One person would have a Renaissance person while the other had a Modern-day Renaissance person. I got the modern-day figure and was assigned Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaiian politician (that is quite interesting… I would suggest reading up on her). There isn’t a lot of information on her because she’s only 35 so it was kind of hard. I decided to email her assistant to see if she could give me some information. A couple of days later, I got an email from TULSI GABBARD herself. She gave me a TON of information and was super nice. After I finished my project, I sent my report and a picture of me and my friend (not the one I did my project with but one who also was assigned Tulsi Gabbard) in our Tulsi Gabbard outfits (Blazers, Slacks, Pearls, and Wavy hair). She emailed me back saying that I could go to Washington DC and she would be happy to give me a tour of everything! SQUEEE! Even though this happened like a few months ago I’m still excited thinking about it. I’m thinking of going to DC winter break!

Even though school has had ups and downs, I have some awesome memories that I will never forget.

Coming up next on Spilling Secrets, comment down below what you want to see!


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