Cute Holiday Party Outfit Ideas//blogmas

Hey Readers,

Welcome back! It’s day 5 of the 12 days of blogmas and I’m still going strong! Good news! Yesterday’s post got 20 likes already and I’m super happy! Thanks for everyone who liked that post! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Yesterday I talked about the beauty essentials of the holidays so today I’m talking about the flip side… some cute holiday outfits especially for parties and fun get togethers! I know that most people like to go out to parties during the holidays but to be honest, I like to just chill at home and watch Elf all winter break. So if you relate comment relatable down below!

Anyway I hope enjoy this post and lets get on into it!

1. Girly

If you love dressing up for parties, this is a great outfit choice for you. I personally love this dress so much, it’s one of my personal favorite picks!

Dress-Urban Oufitters- $79

I love this dress because it’s very girly and christmas-y but still edgyu and different because of the off the shoulder look! Add some big hoopy earrings and delicate shoes to finish the look!

2. Classic with a Twist

In this look: Metallic Maxi Dress-$68 at Forever 21   Faux Fur Jacket-$50 also at Forever 21

The shimmery maxi dress is classic for holdiay parties, but add a little twist with a fur coat! This is the just right balance between elegance and personal touch! Add a rhinestone choker and some statement shoes and you are off!

3. Edgy

You don’t want to wear a dress. No one will make you. Instead, opt for this look. It’s great for parties. Just enough glam to make it formal enough but very different from the average party look!

Studded Leather Jacket– $44 at forever 21      00212926-02.jpg                                                

Make this look pop with a Bright clutch and some eye catching shoes! Perfect!

4. Simple

This look is sweet and simple! this velvet slip dress is great with a matching choker and some chunky heels! Omg PERFECTION!

$22.50 At Hollister


And that’s it! Tell me which look is your favorite out of the four I shared. Try wearing any of these outfits along wioth the beauty products I recommended for the best holdiay look ever! Love you all so much and see you next time!


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